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ASPE April Meeting: Back to the Future Night 

Some have predicted the Pacific Northwest will likely experience a massive Cascadia Subduction Zone earthquake off the coast of Washington and Oregon. The last time this fault line caused an earthquake was more than 300 years ago. Seismologists put the likelihood of an earthquake similar in strength to the 2011 earthquake that hit Japan striking the Pacific Northwest in the next 50 years between 15% and 30%. What is expected to be the fallout if and when the Portland area is struck by a large seismic event? Learn how local planners are preparing and how this might impact construction in the near future.

Please think ahead to bring your current hot topics to the table.

There is much tumult in our industry as usual, please bring your hunger and your insights to the table this month as we host an “back to the future ” to discuss current events and thoughts on the future including 5D BIM and other software insights into future technology hosted by Kerry Brainard, the President of Quotesoft.


5:30 PM - Social time in the adjacent bar, Lincoln Station Grill
6:15 PM - Buffet dinner & program

Professionals - $35
Students - $10
Late fee after 4/21 - $10
No Show fee not prepaid - $15

Additional Information

  • Free parking when you obtain a permit from the hotel lobby and tell them you are part of the event.
  • Cancellations will not be refunded after April 21st.
  • Walk-ins and late registrants will incur an additional $10 fee.
  • No-show reservations not pre-paid will be invoiced $45 plus a $15 processing fee.


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